How is the performance of Vespid 16mm?


The long-awaited Vespid 16mm wide-angle lens test footage are here!

First of all, here is our first test clip, showing the consistency of the lens and the distortion at the edges. It was supposedly shot on a boat and the colours are beautiful throughout!

The other two clips show how the performance of the Vespid 16mm on portraits in our general shooting scenes. This clip was shot by @jasper_vg on Dutch with beautiful night lighting and a very wintery atmosphere!


DOP: @Alessandro Rufino

In addition to this, this comparison video between the Leica Summicron C and Vespid lenses shows the difference between Summcron and Vespid Set, meanwhile shows the performance of Vespid set in terms of parfocal, breathing, flare, colour and bokeh, etc.

DOP: @Filippo Chiesa

Hope all of these test footage show you more detailed and realistic performance! And expect vespid set can invoke your imaginary to create more fabulous works!

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