Peter Baerveldt Introduces How to Use KOOP Rear Filter


DZOFILM released innovative rear filter——KOOP on April 18th, which is designed for Vespid Primes & Catta Ace (PL mount). Peter Baerveldt, a fashion filmmaker came from Netherlands, will teach you how to use the filters in this video.


- Made of super HD glass

- Detachable & magnetic rear filters

- Water and oil resistance

- DZOFILM double-sided nano coating reduces reflection and glare

- No change to weight center nor image quality

- Original filter design, brings protection to lens rear and also creates stylized image

- Engaging &Variable, you will be the one to create differences


There are two sets of KOOP rear filters. Standard set and artistic set. Let us start with a quick unboxing. Peter opened the standard set first. The box comes with the filters, instructions, shims, instruction manual certification, stickers and so on. You can see four filters in the standard set. They are three NDs and one UV filter. And four magnetic attachments.

The artistic set has three filters, custom bokeh, a quarter black mist, a blue streak filter and three magnetic back mounts.

Mount Change

At first, remove this ring with tool. Safely make sure that the pressure is off and then do the rest by safely and slowly removing the ring with your fingers until it pops off.

Grab one of the magnetic back filters that come with KOOP. Screw this filter onto the back of Vespid Prime by aliging it safely and then screw it until it does not want move further.

Grab your tool and make sure it is tight.

Then just put a filter on the back of the lens, it attached to it easily with Detachable & magnetic design.

Custom Bokeh

It comes from artictic set with a heart shape, a D from DZOFILM, a ligntning bolt, a star and a question mark.

Add them to the filter and then add them to the back of the lens. They will provide you with the option to shape your bokeh.

Peter showed us the heart-shaped and "D" version.


Price and Availability

The price of standard set/artistic set is $299. KOOP filters are expected to be shipped in late April.

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