Do You Know the Differences between Catta Zoom and Catta Ace?


When you see the two posters below, do you think these are two different posters of the same lenses or they are totally two different lenses? Whether you guessed it right or not, I'd say they are two different lenses. The first one is Catta Ace and the second one is Catta Zoom. In this article, DZOFILM would like to tell you the difference between these two lenses and help users better understand them.

Catta Zoom & Catta Ace have 5 Features in Common

1. Suitable for a variety of scenarios

2. Fine racking focus

3. Stepless aperture? & Soft out of focus

4. Parfocal design

5. Cinematic footage quality

① Catta Zoom is designed as cine lens for mirrorless camera users. Provide mirrorless camera users with cinematic-quality images.

Target Users —— video enthusiasts,uploaders,video practitioners,film schools/ institutes,movie studios etc.

Potential Clients —— mirrorless camera users who are biased towards the video shots,such as A7S3,A7M4,A7M3,R5,R6,S1,S1H,S5,Z7II,Z6II,XT4 etc.

② Catta Ace is designed as professional cine Lens for film and television industry users

Different Types of Shell

Catta Zoom —— Lighter weight with new materials

The internal mechanical structure of the lens adopts copper, magnesium aluminum alloy. It brings users a smooth focus feeling;The exterior innovatively use of strong fiberglass polymers.

Catta Ace —— Light as Always, Stronger than Ever

Different from white Catta FF Zoom, DZOFILM choose to use black aluminum alloy on the shell of Catta Ace. Not only it improves a comfortable sense of holding, they also withstand the test of time. Furthermore, no more than 187.5mm/7.38", they are more compact and light-weight. The 35mm-80mm weighs only 1.64kg, while the 70mm-135mm 1.71kg. With less weight, they are extremely portable and an excellent choice for a run-and-gun gear.

Different Mounts

Catta Zoom is availeble in E/ RF/ L/ X/ Z mount. In terms of Catta Ace lenses are originated in PL mount. Each lens will be packed with additional EF mount bayonet. LPL mount version will be optional as well. Besides, lenses can be adapted to other mounts with DZOFILM Octopus adapters.


Catta Zoom is full frame while Catta Ace is vista vision.

Quick Release Mount Design —— Especially for Catta Zoom

E? RF? L? X? Z? Pick one you love. Quick release mount design, get rid of screws or screwdriver to change mount.Thanks to the lightweight volume of CATTA Zoom, mounts switch can be completed with a single twist and a tight fit, while the flange focal distance still keeps its accuracy and the Parfocal is normal.

Exceptional Lens, Equipped with Dependable Package

Catta Ace is equipped with professional Pelican case and customized foam, which supply lenses more comprehensive protection.

Catta COIN —— Rear Plug-in Filter Designed for Catta Zoom

Rear plug-in fliter effectively reduce the influence of flare and ghost,ensure the original high-quality performance.So that the creator could stimulate their imagination anytime and anywhere to create more possibilities for pictures.(Allowing users to chang ND/ Streak/ Star / Mist filter freely)


- DZOFILM double-sided nano coating reduces reflection and flaring

- PVD Anti-Fingerprint tablet prevents glass surface from fingerprints and retain cleanness

- Water and oil resistance

- Compact & Portable: Rear plug-in filters add amusement to filming experience

- Original rear filter designed maintains original clean images without flaring or ghosting


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