DZOFILM Pictor Zooms Discussion with Phil Holland


Interview with Phil by CineD

During the cinema5D Virtual Show, we had the chance to talk with the director and cinematographer Phil Holland about the new DZOFILM 20-55mm and 50-125mm T/2.8 Pictor Zoom lenses. These lenses can cover Super35/APS-C sensors, and Phil has been using them in conjunction with the RED Komodo for a couple of weeks now.

DZOFILM 20-55mm T/2.8 and 50-125mm T/2.8 Pictor Zoom Lenses

Image credit: DZOFILM

Chinese lens manufacturer DZOFILM recently introduced two lenses: the DZOFILM 20-55mm T/2.8 and 50-125mm T/2.8. These lenses are part of the new “Pictor Zoom” lineup of glasses, which covers Super35/APS-C sensors. If you missed it, you could read our entire in-depth article about these new lenses here.

DZOFILM Pictor lenses Parameters Credit DZOFILM

In a nutshell, the DZOFILM Pictor Zoom lenses feature a constant T/2.8 maximum aperture at every focal length. Also, both lenses are parfocal, which is incredible at this price-point. The DZOFILM 20-55mm T/2.8 and 50-125mm T/2.8 have 0.8mm pitch gear on the focus and aperture ring, with a 270° focus throw of the focus ring. The aperture diaphragm consists of 16 blades for smooth and creamy bokeh.

PL Mount on the left, EF mount on the right. Image credit: DZOFILM

Currently, DZOFILM Pictor Zoom lenses ship with a PL mount with an extra EF mount bayonet in the package. Lens mounts are user interchangeable, and Phil Holland told us that Sony E-Mount and LPL mounts were also going to be available soon. Also, in terms of “image look,” Phil said to us that they are close to Schneider Cine Xenon and Sony CineAlta primes.

Image credit: DZOFILM

These lenses work perfectly with cameras that feature a Super35/APS-C sensor like the Canon C200, ZCAM E2, and the upcoming RED Komodo camera that Phil has been testing for a couple of weeks now. If you have a RED Monstro 8K camera, the DZOFILM Pictor Zoom lenses should also work well. As the lenses are lightweight – 1.52kg/3.35lbs for the DZOFILM 20-55mm T/2.8 and 1.7kg/3.74lbs for the 50-125mm T/2.8 – you don’t even need lens support on your rig, but it’s recommended to use one.

Image credit: DZOFILM

Price and Availability

The DZOFILM 20-55mm T/2.8 and 50-125mm T/2.8 should be available in a couple of days in a black colorway. The 20-55mm retails for $2289, and the 50-125mm is $2489. If you get both lenses as a bundle, you’ll get a $279 discount, and black colorway bundles also should start shipping next week. If you want to get the white versions, they will be sold as only a set for $5399, with a shipping date expected in late July 2020.

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