DZOFILM Releases Vespid 16mm Prime Cine Lens


It is time to fill up your safety case with DZOFILM 16mm!

Today, DZOFILM brings Vespid Prime full-frame 16mm cine lens to the public. Finally, Vespid Prime embraces its 16mm wide lens in this family. In this set of compact “Vespid”, there are eight lenses, they are 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm(macro) ,100mm and 125mm. From 16mm to 125mm, Vespid Prime cover the most frequently used focal lengths and deliver more possibilities. Vespid are applicable for most full-frame and vista vision cinema cameras in the market. With original mount or DZOFILM Octopus adapters, these lenses can be adapted to PL/EF/LPL/E/L/RF/X mounts cinema cameras.

Higher resolution, clean as always

As a high standard lens, fish-eye and ultra-wide angle enables 16mm with 8K resolution. One piece of Aspherical, three pieces of ED and four pieces of High-resolution glasses, a total of 14 elements in 10 groups design helps control distortion well and pleasantly. Film anywhere you want without worrying the distortion.

Precise colour reproduction, as perceived in human eyes

Even as early as Vespid Prime was designed, consistent look came first. Same as the other Vespid Prime lenses, 16mm shows precise colour reproduction, appropriate images contrast and featured flare. Represent the actual images, no matter in a single unit or a whole group.

With APO Design and ED lenses, excellent control of dispersion

Appropriate sharpness generates cinematic feeling while expressing organic look and fine details. In accordance with standard of APO, Vespid Prime optimized chromatic aberration one by one.

Negligible breathing effect, creating an immersive scene

Even compact and portable like a wasp, Vespid Prime uses multi-group of floating lenses, ensuring minimal breathing effects to represent the actual image.

With compatible mechanical design, nimble and agile like a vespid

Consistent structure enables swift interchange among Vespid lenses. Having the same design as other vespid lenses, 16mm adopts 270° focus throw of the focus ring and infinite apeture. Butter-like rotation feeling let both hand control and follow focus operate smoothly.

Wider coverage, shallower depth of field, promise users a bright future

Except Macro 90mm/16mm T2.8, others have a constant T2.1 stop. With 16-blades, 16mm has perfect aberration correction. No obvious sharp edge nor bright spot. Moreover, its VV frame will also be the best investment choice for multi-scene applications.

Since DZOFILM Vespid Prime released on October 30th, 2020, they have been widely used in famous film and television crews. From theatrical productions to independent short films, it has demonstrated stable and reliable optical quality.


The price of DZOFILM 16mm T2.8 is $1,799, while the whole Vespid prime set is $10,489. DZOFILM offers Early Bird Discount if purchasing before January 20th, 2022. During the discount period, 16mm only sells $1,699, while the whole Vespid prime set is $10,298.

Note:The first shipping date is January 20th, 2022.

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