New Options丨DZOFILM CATTA ACE FF Zoom Cine Lens Release!


Last year, DZOFILM broke into the market with it’s Catta FF Zoom Lenses. At the beginning of 2022, DZOFILM brings new Catta Ace FF Zoom Cine Lenses (PL+EF mount) to the public. Same as Catta FF Zoom, Catta Ace are available in the golden focal lengths of 35-80mm and 70-135mm at T/2.9, covering most basic focal lengths in diverse shooting projects without sacrificing time in lens changing. Including some superb characteristics below, there is no doubt that Catta Ace will refresh user’s feelings.

Catta Ace Lenses
- Flattering warm cinematic images
- Large format, cover a 46.5mm image circle
- Invisible breathing and zero distortion for easy tracking

- 16 balded iris ensure rounded bokeh for exquisite texture and gentle sharpness

Light as Always, Stronger than Ever

If white is like a blank paper, users are capable of painting infinite colors. Then, black is a symbol of indestructible and timeless . Different from white Catta FF Zoom, DZOFILM choose to use black magnalium alloy on the shell of Catta Ace. Not only it improves a comfortable sense of holding, they also withstand the test of time. Furthermore, no more than 187.5mm/7.38", they are more compact and light-weight. The 35mm-80mm weighs only 1.64kg, while the 70mm-135mm 1.71kg. With less weight, they are extremely portable and an excellent choice for a run-and-gun gear.

Clear as You See, even in Wide Open

DZOFILM supply users affordable cine lenses without the expense of sharpness. Whether it is at wide focal lengths or mid to longer focal lengths, Catta Ace lenses are in gental sharpness. Image quality remains clear and no degradation even in wide open.

More Mounts, Meet Diversified Needs

Catta FF Zoom supply users E/RF/L/X/Z mounts. In terms of Catta Ace, lenses are originated in PL mount. Each lens will be packed with additional EF mount bayonet. LPL mount version will be optional as well. Besides, lenses can be adapted to other mounts with DZOFILM Octopus adapters.

Exceptional Lens, Equipped with Dependable Package
Catta Ace will be equipped with professional Pelican case and customized foam, which supply lenses more comprehensive protection.

True-to-life, Achieved through Catta Ace

Superb designed optical structure ensures natural skin tones. The combination of low dispersion lenses effectively reduce color offset. Catta Ace lenses reproduce the real world scenes for its sophisticated design.

Stunning Breathing Control, Create Immersive Scenes
Catta Ace are outstandingly characterized by invisible breathing during racking focus. Focus along the journey, the edge of the frame always keeps same, making audience immerse in the plot deeply.

Aesthetic Bokeh, Exceed Fluid Transition

With 16 blades of the diaphragm and an aperture range of T2.9-22, Catta produces round and smooth bokeh with natural transition of image. The extremely close focus distance helps shooters to shoot clear details and characteristics of the subject.

Price and Availability

The price of single Catta Ace Zoom cine lens (35-80mm/70-135mm) with Pelican package is $3899, while a set of lenses(35-80mm & 70-135mm) with Pelican package is $7499. The additional LPL mount is $219. DZOFILM will start to ship the Catta Ace in early March.

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