“Koop”, Listen to Your Inner Inspiration丨DZOFILM Releases KOOP Rear Filter for Vespid Prime & Catta Ace (PL mount) 丨DZOFILM Catta Zoom (Black) Cine Lenses Are Available Now


DZOFILM releases the brand new KOOP rear filter for Vespid Prime and Catta Zoom (PL mount) on April 18th, which is the first filter designed by DZOFILM. There are two sets of KOOP filters, standard set and artistic set. With detachable base and magnetic rear filters, KOOP allows users to explore endless creativity easily and fast. Besides, DZOFILM releases Catta Zoom black version for users to choose.


- Made of super HD glass

- Detachable & magnetic rear filters

- Water and oil resistance

- DZOFILM double-sided nano coating reduces reflection and glare

- No change to weight center nor image quality

- Original filter design, brings protection to lens rear and also creates stylized image

- Engaging &Variable, you will be the one to create differences

Standard Set

ND 4/ ND 8/ ND 16

One of the filters in standard set is ND filter. With three degree of ND(0.6/0.9/1.2), it controls exposure and depth-of-field under various lighting conditions. Meticulous machining contributes the consistency on filters which enable even exposure in unbalanced lighting conditions.

L365 UV

Another one in standard set is L365 UV filter. It supplies a general protection against rear element, which effectively reduces dust, moisture or scratches. It absorbs UV light and reduces bluish cast of daylight. At the same time, nano multi-coating prevents loss of light and enhances colors.

Artistic Set

There are three filters in the artistic set.

Black Mist 1/4

Black Mist 1/4 creates a gentle sharpness and enhance the cine atmosphere. On the premise of reducing the contrast and sharpness, black mist 1/4 makes images more delicate. Compared with the white mist, Black mist reserves more shadow details while softening the light. Without changing the contrast of the picture, black mist retains the color of images to the greatest extent.

Streak Filter (Blue)

Streak Filter (Blue) enables Vespid Prime and Catta Ace to shoot a unique drawing glare, simulating the characteristics of the anamorphic widescreen. Long blue anamorphic streak effect boosts the technical sense on the image when there is a strong light. Flexible and controllable, just for your creative filming.

DIY Bokeh Filter

To explore optical imaging features behind the filters, users can use the empty frame filter, which is a magnetic frame. Starting with D logo, star, lighting, heart and question mark filters in the package, unlock the game of Vespid Prime & Catta Ace (PL mount) and free your creativity.

Price and Availability

The price of standard set/artistic set is $299. KOOP filters are expected to be shipped in late April.

Catta Zoom (Black) Cine Lenses

The price of single Catta Zoom (black) lens (35-80mm/70-135mm) is $3099, while a set of lenses(35-80mm & 70-135mm) is $5899. DZOFILM will start to ship the Catta Zoom (black) in early May.

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