As Wide As Your Imagination丨DZOFILM Launches Super 35 Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 Wide-angle Cine Lens


Today, DZOFILM brings the latest Super 35 Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 wide angle cine lens to the public, which together with the Pictor 20-55 & 50-125, forms a integrality covering all sort of golden focal lengths for all scenes.

Extreme Wide Shot, Indulging and Immersing in the Scenes
With 14mm extreme wide angle, Pictor 14-30 meets your demands of wide shots. Switching from extreme wide to wide angle easily, you will capture the entirety of vision. Super large scenes are still easy to be captured, giving viewers an immersive feeling.

Visual Effect
The distortion of wide angle lens allow users to capture exaggerating emotion and movement of characters, to highlight the dramatic expression, and to aggrandize the rhythm of image and enhance the visual impact in the story.

Artistic Performance
Deeper DOF and wider FOV capture broader background. Rendering the atmosphere, clearly showing the relationship among subjects, characters and surroundings.

Sense of Space
Stretching background expands the distance between foreground and background, reflects the artistic sense of space. An originally narrow subject looked like a magnificent one under wide angle.

Integrity and Consistency

As a complementary part to Pictor series, Pictor 14-30 retains the image style and quality of Pictor series, brings complete consistency on imagery. DZOFILM commits to supply more and more advanced optics for content creators.

Cinematic Images with Gentle Sharpness and Vivid Look
Stunning cinematic images with neither overly sharp nor blurred, it is designed for filmmakers with a diverse sort of shooting genres, covering tasks with ease whether for commercials or feature films.

Round Bokeh and Soft Background

A consistent T2.8 large aperture with 16 iris blades, delivers gorgeous background bokeh and DOF. With dynamic painterly backgrounds consisting of smooth and expressive bokeh, brings out the subject and highlight the cinematic atmosphere.

Dependable Parfocal Design, Imperceptible Breathing as Ever
No matter close-up or wide shot, the focus remains and the breathing is negligible as always.

Wider yet still Lightweight
No more than 1.9kg, similar lightweight to Pictor 20-55 & 50-125, it can be fitted with gimbals and other equipments. Working efficient and convenient.

Interchangeable Mount System
Interchangeable with PL, EF mounts, suitable with most mainstream cameras. And can be adapted to E/RF/L/X/Z via DZOFILM Octopus adapters.

Price and Availability

The price of black DZOFILM Pictor Zoom 14-30mm T2.8 cine lens is $2889. The black bundle of Pictor 3-lens kit with safety case is $7999. The price of white 14-30mm version is $3089. The white bundle of Pictor 3-lens kit with safety case is $8199. DZOFILM will start to ship Pictor 14-30mm in early May.

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