Unlock the Secret and Start Your Own Creative Journey丨DZOFILM Launches Catta COIN filters for Catta Zoom Cine Lenses

Today, DZOFILM brings the latest Catta COIN filters to the public, which is a creative option for Catta Zoom cine lenses users. There are three sets of Catta COIN filters, ND 4/ ND 8/ ND 16,Streak Filter (Blue/ Golden/ Rainbow) & Star Filter (Rainbow Starburst) and Black-mist Filter (1/4, 1/8). Put a COIN into your Catta Zoom, unlock the secret and start your own creative journey.

- DZOFILM double-sided nano coating reduces reflection and flaring
- PVD Anti-Fingerprint tablet prevents glass surface from fingerprints and retain cleanness
- Water and oil resistance
- Compact & Portable: Rear plug-in filters add amusement to filming experience
- Original rear filter designed maintains original clean images without flaring or ghosting

1. ND 0.6/ ND 0.9/ ND 1.2

As a reliable companion, the ND filter allows photographers and cinematographers to shoot their large aperture lenses in bright light without overexposing. Therefore, DZOFILM chose ND filters as one of these three sets. With these three degree of ND(0.6/0.9/1.2), it reduces light evenly with spectacular optical performance. The unique design of DZOFILM glass creates images with high clarity and colour rendition,  which would better avoid color fringing or image degradation.

2.Streak Filter (Blue/ Yellow/ Rainbow) & Star Filter (Rainbow Starlight)

These special filters offer users a creative way to simulate the anamorphic streak effect with our Catta Zoom. Blue/ Golden/ Rainbow streaks from light sources creates a gorgeous look on vision drawing your audience's attention. Stars from specular highlights increase the sense of dramatic point light source and perform a beautiful stunning light effect.

3.Black-mist Filter (1/4, 1/8)

Black-mist Filter (1/4, 1/8) softens blemishes and maintains vivid reproduction of natural skin tone. By reducing highlights and retaining details in darkness, CATTA COIN enhances the subtle and cinematic sense. Matched with Catta Zoom, a better balance in terms of sharpness and uniqueness. Each shines more brilliantly.

Price and Availability

ND Filter Set $199
Black Mist Set $199
Artistic Filter set $299.

They are expected to be shipped in the end of May.

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