Explore The Macro Originality In A Brand New Visual Feast 丨DZOFILM Gnosis 32mm/ 65mm/ 90mm VV T2.8 Marco Cine Lenses Released


DZOFILM released it’s newest Gnosis VV marco cine lenses, which covered 32mm, 65mm and 90mm golden focal lengths. They are designed to extend the focus on the imperceptible macro world. Let filmmakers explore the macro originality in a brand new visual feast.

Focusing On Details, Reframing Micro Vision

The DZOFILM Gnosis 32mm/ 65mm/ 90mm ensures life-sized(1:1/ 1.33:1/ 1.5:1)reproduction at 6.6in/ 9.36in/ 10.2in. The impressive magnifications make small things look bigger in the scenes. This allows filmmakers to get an incredible amount of details and discover the astonishing beauty of the microcosm with close working distance from subjects. These three lenses cover wide-angle, standard, and telephoto focal lengths, providing flexible shooting distance and different field of view options to meet the demand of macro creation in common focal lengths and adapt to a wider range of subjects.

For Professional Filmmaking And Tactful Collaboration

The industry standard front diameter of 114mm is compatible with matte boxes and other accessories, eliminating the need for repeated adjustments when changing lenses and greatly enhancing shooting efficiency.

Cinematic Imaging In Great Details

From the MFD to INF, Gnosis provides excellent image quality with extreme sharpness from the center of frame right out to the edges. The color rendition is uniformly and naturally clean from in-focus to out-of-focus, presenting a stunning image rich in gradation.

Reliable, Precise Mechanics for Smooth Creation

Precisely control and shift the focus with a 300 degree rotation to get a stable and comfortable performance and perfect your work. Consistent T stop (T2.8-T22) during focusing guarantee the accuracy of light. Due to the special structure of macro lenses and the high magnification, adjusting the exposure to compensate for the light loss is needed. Actual T-stop= current t-stop + EXP value.


- Original in LPL mount, with additional PL/ EF mounts
- T2.8 full aperture, smooth adjustment between T2.8 and T22
- Wider focal lengths, shorter close-up distances
- 32mm, accommodates more elements and brings dramatic creation with more tension
- 65mm, expresses the comfortable and actual image
- 90mm, exhibits a sense of compression, which provides natural and soft bokeh
- Play an important role in TVC and professional film & television production

Price & Availability

Price for single Gnosis 32mm, 65mm or 90mm is $5389, while Gnosis 3-lens set is $15999. DZOFILM will start to ship them in the early August.