Broad Possibilities, Pro Precision丨DZOFILM Octopus EF Lens to RF/E/L & PL lens to DX Mount Camera Adapters Released


Today, DZOFILM launched Octopus EF adapters. As new members of Octopus family, they are widely applicable to RF/E/L mounts camera systems. As its name says, octopus, a kind of smart creature that catches subjects tightly through their tentacles. DZOFILM Octopus adapters ensure safety for your equipment.

Internal Light-absorbing Material Finish

The internal reflections like flares can ruin your images. Special light-absorbing material flocking on the inside of the adapter that prevents unwanted reflections and maintains the integrity of your images.

Precise Fit and Solid Active-Locking

Octopus adapters are designed with Active-locking system that eliminates play, gap or wiggling when mounted on adapter with no adjustments required.

A Solid, Compact and Reliable Companion

Aluminum-alloy metal enhances long-term durability, also brings light wight with each no more than 299g. The stainless steel construction of mounts prevents any physical changes due to temperature fluctuations.

Purely Mechanical

The Octopus adapters guarantees durability and stability without performance degradation.

Multiple mounting options
Octopus adapters expand the compatibilities with most PL/EF mount lenses in the market, and widely applicable to abundant camera systems. The PL-DX adapter can be used on DJI RONIN 4D without calibration.

Price & Availability
The price of Octopus adapters (EF lens to RF/E/L cameras) is $269 and PL-DX is $299. The EF mounts adapters are available now. DZOFILM will start to ship PL-DX adapter in mid-August.