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Thanks again for purchasing DZOFILM Products. Users who purchase DZOFILM products from official dealers can get another six-month warranty after registering on this page.

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Type of Issue

Vespid Prime 25mm

Vespid Prime 35mm

Vespid Prime 50mm

Vespid Prime 75mm

Vespid Prime 90mm

Vespid Prime 100mm

Vespid Prime 125mm

Pictor Zoom 20-55mm

Pictor Zoom 50-125mm

Linglung 10-24mm

Linglung 20-70mm

Octopus AdapterPL-RF

Octopus AdapterPL-L

Octopus AdapterPL-E

Octopus AdapterPL-X


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    The warranty effects from the date on the invoice/ purchase receipt, lasting for six months.