PL-RF / L / E / DX / X
EF-RF / L / E

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Precise Fit
Solid Connection

Active-locking system eliminates play, gap or wiggling when mounted on adapter, no adjustments required.

Solid, Compact and Reliable

Aluminum-alloy components for weight reduction. Stainless steel construction prevents any physical changes due to temperature fluctuations.

Strengthened Support

1/4 Screw Support Design, change the center of gravity from lens mount to adapters. Pure mechanics guarantees durability and stability without performance degradation.

Reducing Internal Reflection

Special light-absorbing material flocking inside the adapter prevents unwanted reflections.

Infinity Focus Maintained

Tight tolerance of machining requirement + Precise back flange distance. NO adjustments needed. Infinity focus maintains accurate.

Multiple Mounting Options

Expand the compatibilities with most PL/EF mount lenses in the market, and widely applicable to abundant camera systems. The PL-DX adapter can be used on DJI RONIN 4D without calibration.


name Octopus
Colour Black
Lens Mount PL EF
Camera Lens Mount RF E X L DX RF E L
Material Housing: Aluminum Alloy
Weight [Product] 352g 390g 403g 354g 512g 261g 299g 259g
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