Vespid Family Assembled丨DZOFILM Launches Vespid 21mm & 40mm Full-frame Cine Lenses


DZOFILM’s newest Vespid Prime cine lenses–Vespid 21mm & 40mm full-frame have been launched. They are designed to complete Vespid lens group with two more wide angle lenses 21mm & 40mm. DZOFILM aims at perfection in everything he does.

21mm - A Different Wide Horizon

Extra Sense of Space Created by Wide Angle Lens with Controllable Distortion

Vespid 21mm supplies users a pleasing wide scene. It is not too wide to cause distortion. All proportions are kept within a certain range and subjects looked exactly like what you want. Whether shooting the wide view of nature beauty or humanistic landscape, Vespid 21mm will free your creativity.

(Vespid 21mm almost no distortion)

Infectious Image in Close Focus, Cannot Resist the Strong and Exaggerated Emotion

Vespid 21mm is easy to capture exaggerating movement and emotion of people with it’s superior characteristics. This focal length aggrandizes the rhythm of images and enhances the visual impact in the story, which makes audience feel as if they are personally on the scene.

40mm - The Answer for A All-round Prime Lens

Vespid 40mm is the standard lens for full-frame lens, most natural, life-like and truthful
DZOFILM throws a nice spot between 35mm and 50mm. 40mm fixed focal length is excellent for the applications of a standard focal length as well as for typical shooting situations. By shooting most of everything on a 40mm lens, the viewer would never feel manipulated. Coming with light weight and outstanding image quality, every shot felt life-like and truthful, undoubtedly Vespid 40mm is an ideal shooting partner.

21mm & 40mm High-quality Construction
13 - blade irises for 21mm & 10 - blade irises for 40mm provide beautiful bokeh and a very smooth adjustment between T2.1 and T22. With each no more than 950g, light-weight design ensures you a smooth shooting day.

16/ 21/ 25/ 35/ 40/ 50/ 75/ 100/ 125mm T2.1 & Macro 90mm T2.8. Now, We Are Ready

With 21mm and 40mm, Vespid Prime series really fill out all you need to run up a set.


- Consistent DZOFILM Vespid cinematic image
- Light weight and compact design
- Compatible with DZOFILM Koop filters
- Round and clean bokeh with smooth transition
- Precise focus control, 270° focus throw of the focus ring

Price & Availability

Price for single Vespid 21mm or 40mm is $1399. The ten-lens Vespid kit is $13199, and there is a discounted price on $11999. DZOFILM will start to ship them by the end of July.

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