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Professional Cine Lenses with Concrete Build

DZOFILM is devoted to exploring the aesthetic of film and design of optics.
Both mechanics and optics are designed to be compact and versatile,
allowing users to enjoy the smooth and precise operation
and every shooting moment with Pictor Zoom.

  • Standard M0.8 Gear Pitch

  • Focus Rotation Angle

  • All-metal Mechanical Parts

Parfocal Design

Center image stay sharp during zooming in or out

No matter from close-up to wide shot,
Or rapidly zoom out to long shot,
Under Parfocal design, focus keeps still all the way along

Minimal Breathing

Thanks to the floating structure, the breathing of Pictor Zoom lenses,
are negligible during focusing

Versatile in Ultra Compact

At just 1.6kg (3.5 lbs), Pictor Zoom can be easily mounted on crane, jib, tripod, ROV or other
moving platforms, and provides safer and more efficient work methods by reducing heavy lifting.
Be a better Run-and-Gun Filmmaker, no fear of any complicated scenes or quick shooting. Time saving
without frequent lens changing, Pictor zoom, in no way miss an inspiring moment.

[Gentle Sharpness & Vivid Look]Vivid Look

From feature film, commercial, to documentary, Pictor Zoom captures crisp details
while expressing organic look and cinematic texture.

[Spot Effect]Increases Sense of Separation.

Dreamatic Bokeh & Esthetic Transition

Soft bokeh generated by 16 blades T2.8 iris. Natural transition from focus
to de-focus, conveying the ambience and highlighting the subject in the meantime.

Speed up Your Shooting!

Consistent Design & Higher Efficiency

Highly consistent in color and mechanical control, satisfy most of the shooting demands.
Efficient control in same ergonomics with standard M0.8 gear pitch.
Multiple ways of mounting follow focus, speeds up your shooting.

Seek for More Possibility

Interchangeable mount system
compatible with PL、EF、X、L、RF、E mounts,
provides more possibility of shooting videos.


  • Focus Distance 20-55mm 50-125mm
  • T- stop T2.8 - T22 T2.8 - T22
  • Mag. Ratio ≈2.75X ≈2.5X
  • Image Circle 24.89 mm*19.3 mm(φ31.5 mm)
    ratio 1.33:1
    24.89 mm*19.3 mm(φ31.5 mm)
    ratio 1.33:1
  • Flange Distance 52mm(PL mount)
    44.14mm(EF mount)
    52mm(PL mount)
    44.14mm(EF mount)
  • Close Focus Distance 0.6m/2ft 0.8m/2ft8in.
  • Size: φ95.0*164mm(PL mount)
    φ95.0*171.9mm(EF mount)
    φ95.0*175mm(PL mount)
    /φ95.0*182.9mm(EF mount)
  • Iris Blades 16 pcs 16 pcs
  • Gear Pitch 0.8 M 0.8 M
  • Front Outer Dia. φ95 mm φ95 mm
  • Filter Size M86*0.75 M86*0.75
  • Weight ≈1520g ≈1700g