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  • Q1:Why can't I use the parfocal function when using DZOFILM zoom lens?

    Please check if the Parfocal is adjusted. Generally, the back focus should be adjusted at the first time of using. For the adjustment, please click the left navigation bar on this page and watch the adjustment videos.

    LingLungZoom Series (MFT):

    Pictor Zoom Series (S35):

  • Q2:How can I rent a DZOFILM cine lens if I want to try it out before purchasing?

    Domestic: Search DZOFILM with Wechat, add our DZOFILM staff, recommend the most recent trial

    Europe: European dealers / Rentals


  • Q3:Will there be other mounts for the Pictor Zoom Series?

    Pictor Zoom and Vespid Prime series are bothin PL/EF mounts, if you want to switch to E/X/L/RF mounts, you can useour Octopus series adapter ring.

  • Q4:Can Pictor Zoom series be used on S1H? What about a7s3?

    Yes, but it is recommended to select S35 mode or choose to use Vespid series (FF). And there will be Vignetting on A7S3. The pixels after cropping are only 1080p. Please refer to the compatibility table for the compatible models of Pictor Zoom.

  • Q5:Is there a recommended adapter ring for Pictor Zoom when transfer to M4/3?

    After testing, only the ARRI PL-M43 Adapter ring is available.

  • Q6:Is the position of the aperture ring of the Vespid Prime series consistent with the Pictor Zoom series ?

    For the distance between the aperture ring and the flange surface,the Pictor Zoom isonly 3mm farther than the Vespid Prime, and there is no need to adjust the position of motor.